Permanent Makeup


Ever want to just crawl out of bed in the morning or emerge from the sea or pool looking fresh and beautiful? With permanent make-up this is a reality. No more dashing to the bathroom to put eyeliner on or fill your eyebrows to go to the local market or even just answer the door. Now you can have a fresh faced look every day from the minute you open your eyes until you fall asleep without the worry or hassle of having to apply or re-apply make-up.

What are permanent cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics, also called permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation, and dermal pigmentation, refer to the process of tattooing pigment into the second (dermal) layer of the skin. Tattooing is a permanent process, hence the term permanent cosmetics.
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Why consider permanent cosmetics?

There are many reasons to consider permanent cosmetic services, but most importantly, it restores color and definition to absent or sparse eyebrows, softly defines or dramatically accents eyes, and enhances the color and shape of the lips. Permanent cosmetics help achieve a finished appearance for timeless, effortless beauty.

Is it really permanent?

Permanent cosmetics is cosmetic tattooing. Like all tattoos, it is permanent; however, also like all tattoos, it will soften and fade with time. Longevity of the appearance of permanent cosmetic makeup can be affected by sun exposure, skin products, and the natural aging process. Periodic color touchup appointments can keep the color looking fresh and timeless.

 Are the procedures safe?

Permanent cosmetics have been safely applied throughout the ages in the quest for beauty. These procedures offer a safe and smudge-proof alternative to topically applied makeup products. Single-use and sterile products are used for each procedure and then appropriately discarded.

Can permanent cosmetics be removed?

No, not easily, if at all. Laser and other removal or lightening techniques have aided in removal in many cases; however, the results of these methods have not proven to be consistent. Therefore, investing your time and money in choosing a properly trained permanent cosmetic professional is essential.

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