Chemical Peels

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If you’re looking for an effective, non-surgical way to melt away blemishes, scars, uneven skin pigmentation, and other imperfections, a chemical peel may be the ideal treatment for you. A custom peel formula can be applied to help your skin shed dead or aging skin cells, revealing a fresh, glowing complexion.

Seeking a healthy, youthful glow? We can help.

A chemical peel performed by our experts at The Skin Elite involves applying a naturally occurring acid solution to your skin for a specific time, which will then be gently removed. The benefits of a chemical peel have been compared to dermabrasion, as it addresses some of the same skin conditions. 

When you visit The Skin Elite, your consultation will give us an opportunity to learn about your cosmetic goals, help you explore the various options you have available to you, and work with you to create a treatment plan that sees you enjoying your ideal results.

  • Your Custom Chemical peel at The Skin Elite in San Antonio

    Depending on the type of chemical peel used, the acid solution can consist of one or more mixtures of alpha-hydroxy acids, trichloroacetic acids, or phenolic acids. These solutions trigger new collagen production, strip away dead skin cells, remove skin flaws and imperfections, and improve overall skin tone and texture, so you can leave with a refreshed look that lasts.

The Benefits of a Chemical Peel:

Reveal Beautiful Skin with Our Help

  • Non-surgical
  • Formulas for every skin condition, customized just for you
  • Enhances skin tone, texture, and firmness
  • Creates a fresh, healthy appearance
  • Removes precancerous skin flaws
  • Triggers natural collagen and elastin production
  • Shrinks pores

Is a Chemical Peel Right for my Skin?

Depending on your skin condition, we offer several intensity levels, giving us the ability to customize your treatment. You may choose to undergo a series of mild peels over time or undergo a comprehensive facial rejuvenation with a more potent formula. The types of acids used in our custom chemical peels include:

  • Alpha-Hydroxy Acid

    (AHA) chemical peels are the lightest, the least intense, and can treat acne, fine lines, and dry skin. Due to the lighter solution, AHA chemical peels also have the shortest treatment and recovery times.

    A series of peels, performed over time, can dramatically enhance your skin’s quality and tone.

  • Trichloroacetic Acid

    (TCA) chemical peels are thought of as medium-intensity chemical peels, and can effectively treat light wrinkles, acne, and uneven pigmentation.

    TCA peels are also the most effective facial peel for darker-skinned patients seeking anti-aging benefits.

  • Phenolic Acid

    Phenolic acid or trichloroacetic acid solutions can be applied for deep chemical peels. While this means they create the most noticeable, longest-lasting results, they also require the most extended treatment times (over an hour) and the most extensive recovery periods. However, the intensity of phenolic chemical peels can successfully rid patients of acne, deep wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, and even pre-cancerous growths.

At The Skin Elite, we offer chemical peels ranging from levels one to three – mild, medium, and deep.


Should I try a chemical peel?

Chemical peels are nothing new — Cleopatra is believed to be one of the first to use a natural chemical peel, using sour milk (lactic acid) on her face. If you have the following skin conditions, a peel can create a remarkable improvement in your skin’s quality, firmness, and tone, leaving you with a youthful appearance that doesn’t quickly fade.

With a chemical peel, we can treat any of the following skin issues:

  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Texture issues
  • Pigmentation problems
  • Age spots
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Freckles
  • Scaly patches
  • Precancerous lesions (deep peels)
  • Deep creases and lines (deep peels)

To undergo a peel, you must not be experiencing any active skin conditions or infections.

How long is the recovery?

The distinct chemical peels we offer at The Skin Elite have varying skin penetration depths and corresponding recovery times. After a light peel, your skin will be red, dry, and mildly irritated. This lessens with repeated light peels, and moisturizer is all that will be needed for your recovery. After about a week, your skin will have completed its light flaking and peeling and will be back to normal.

Medium peels will involve some crusting because more skin is removed. You will have some swelling, which can be soothed with ice packs. Treated skin will darken and may develop brown patches, typically taking between seven and 14 days to heal. In some cases, residual redness can linger for weeks.

Deep peels remove the most skin during the actual peel enabling them to treat issues like cystic acne scarring, deep wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, and pre-cancerous growths. Deeper peels can come with significant swelling and may even sometimes swell the eyes shut. You will need some pain medication for a few days during your recovery. Treated areas will develop new skin within about two weeks, although the redness can linger for much longer. The fresh, new skin must be protected with sunscreen whenever you venture out. 

Do I need to prepare for a chemical peel at The Skin Elite?

There is not much you need to do to prepare for your peel. During your consultation, we may recommend using a retinoid cream such as Retin-A before your peel to shorten your treatment time and speed the healing process.

Do not exfoliate your skin or utilize treatments like waxing, electrolysis, or depilatory creams for a week before your treatment. You'll also need to stop using anti-aging or anti-acne medications and plan your peel treatment with enough time to fully heal before any important social events.

How often should I have a chemical peel?

You can undergo a light peel every four weeks to keep your skin exfoliated and strikingly fresh. Medium peels can be performed every three or four months, depending on your skin type. Deep phenol peels should only be performed once.

How do I care for my skin after a chemical peel?

After a peel of any strength, you’ll need to ensure that your facial skin is protected with sunscreen. Since these peels remove some of your epidermises and potentially some of your second layer of skin, you won’t have quite as much protection from the sun’s UV rays as you did before. You’ll need to protect your skin with 30+ SPF sunscreen whenever you go outdoors.

For deep peels, we will advise you about the healing ointments, creams, and moisturizers that will most effectively help your skin heal and recover. This is not necessary for medium and light peels, but a regular application of high-quality moisturizer will keep your skin from feeling overly dry.

Once your skin has been rejuvenated with a chemical peel, you’ll be ready to keep it looking fresh and healthy with a customized skin care regimen. Our team at The Skin Elite will guide you to the ideal series of skincare products so you can keep your skin looking its best for as long as possible

Can I exercise after my chemical peel?

For the first 24 to 48 hours after your chemical peel, you’ll want to avoid strenuous exercise or activity that causes you to sweat heavily, as sweat can clog your pores and lead to skin irritation.

This is not the case with light peels, especially if you undergo light peels regularly, but it is necessary for medium peels.

After a deep peel, which is an extensive facial rejuvenation treatment, you will not be ready for exercise for several days. You’ll need to avoid strenuous exercise as our skincare expert directs so that you can enjoy your ideal results and a speedy recovery process.

What are the risks of chemical peels?

Chemical peels come with some risks, but most are associated with the deep chemical peel.

Redness: This will be a part of most chemical peels as new skin cells are revealed. Depending on the depth of the peel, redness can endure for a few weeks to months.

Scarring: This is an exceedingly rare side effect of a deep peel. Our skincare experts are medically trained, which keeps this procedure exceptionally safe.

Changes in pigmentation: A chemical peel can cause treated skin to become darker than average (hyperpigmentation) or lighter than normal (hypopigmentation). Hyperpigmentation is more common with lighter peels and hypopigmentation with deep peels. These pigmentation risks are more common in people with darker skin tones.

Infection: If you have the herpes virus, a chemical peel can cause a flare-up and cold sores. Deeper peels also come with the possibility of a breakout, but this is quite rare.

Why choose The Skin Elite? Experience matters.

While many day spas may offer chemical peels, it is always advised that these treatments are performed by a board-certified professional. At The Skin Elite, our staff members are certified, trained, and experienced, so you can rest assured and look forward to life-changing results.

Call today to schedule a confidential consultation and find out for yourself what luxury skincare feels like. When you’re ready to discover a chemical peel that leaves you with an unmistakable youthful glow, you can trust us to perform your skin-enhancing treatment correctly and with care – and ensure you experience superior care and personalized attention. When you’re ready to learn more about The Skin Elite difference, reach out and set up your consultation with a member of our team!.

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