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DefenAge 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream (Fragrance-Free) (1.5 OZ.)

DefenAge 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream (Fragrance-Free) (1.5 OZ.)

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A fragrance-free moisturizer that protects the skin’s moisture barrier and fights signs of aging.

  • Balances skin’s barrier
  • Hydrating and soothing
  • Smooths fine lines

DefenAge 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream (Fragrance-Free) hydrates the skin and protects the moisture barrier.

DefenAge 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream (Fragrance-Free) is an ultra-hydrating and repairing face moisturizer that diminishes signs of aging by repairing the skin cell by cell. Infused with DefenAge’s Age-Repair Defensins, this cream plumps, soothes, and evens out your complexion. These powerful peptides, in addition to niacinamide, antioxidants, and soothing hylauranic acid, repairs damaged skin cells and promotes the production of collagen and elastin for smooth, plump, and youthful skin.

Why DermWarehouse Loves DefenAge 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream:

Similar to the original formula, the fragrance-free version hydrates, soothes, and repairs skin, but without any fragrance that can be irritating to sensitive skin types. Defensins are powerful peptides that repair the skin from the inside out, while niacinamide soothes skin and regulates oil production, hyaluronic acid draws moisture into the skin, and antioxidants protect from free radical damage and repair the skin from environmental damage. Your skin is left feeling smooth, hydrated, and non-greasy, and your delicate moisture barrier is protected and balanced.

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